Technology we’re using to work on Orang U

Today I unsubscribed myself from various tech mailing lists to get back onto Orang U.

Here’s some of the technologies we’re using to make this movie:

  • Markdown (and Fountain)
  • git
  • Blender
  • Audacity
  • Inkscape
  • GIMP

Our camera is a GoPro Hero 3+ Black, which records to standard MPEG-4 video.

I hope that the final feature will be edited entirely with free software.

We’re shooting in 1920×1080 at 60fps.

Pre-production begins

As of today, we’re officially starting pre-production on ORANG U 1: AN APE GOES TO COLLEGE.

We have a screenplay, we have some financing (we’ve spent most of it already) and we have some equipment.

We’re preparing to launch our crowdfunding project in the next week or so.

Screenplay is complete!

Just moments ago, Ryan put in the final scene for the screenplay, completing the first draft. A read through of the near final script last night clocked in at just over an hour, without any of the establishing shots, or acting, or anything else apart from two people reading the script pretty quickly.


On Sunday, Mark arrives from the UK and will be spending a few days next week adding some more to the script. Then we’ll be sending it out to the executive producers for their feedback.

Here’s the cover sheet for the screenplay.


Screenplay, fundraiser and permits

The screenplay is coming along thick and fast. Every day we write about 5-10% more of it.

For this, I am largely writing it alone at night based on the extensive outline written in the hotel. Ryan and I meet up the next day, discuss the scenes and then make small edits.

Tonight we’re meeting with one of the producers, Donald. Don was the guy who came up with the idea for the movie with me back in 2011. Later, Steven and I worked on early scenes and now Ryan and I are putting the script together. Soon, Don, Steven and both of the Marks (both in the UK) will add their own little touches to the script.

And then Ryan and I will edit it and edit it.

Until sometime in June, when we plan to launch our fundraising campaign. The biggest expense in the budget is equipment, and we plan to shoot the whole series using a DSLR camera for portability and high quality. We’ll have lots of pledge levels and details on casting auditions soon.

I’m also looking into the permit situation with the City of Boston. It looks like we need to get permits to film on the streets. Its not clear how this works for super low budget movies, if we even need one as the cast + crew is likely to be a couple people at any one time.

The first movie is mostly planned now…

Last weekend, Ryan and I detached ourselves from the outside world, got a box of coffee and holed up in a hotel room for 48 hours and worked on the outline for the first movie. We’re currently looking at approximately 80 minutes in length, which is pretty good.

We have to plan the last 20 minutes or so in more detail, but its really starting to take shape. We also have a much better idea of the cast of characters required for the first picture.