Release date: July 26th 2017

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Jefferson Peterson, CEO of animal export business Zoo-Lu has died.

His son, Scott Peterson is required to attend his alma-mater, Newtown College in Boston, Massaschusetts.

If he doesn't go, he'll be forced to give up everything he's become accustomed to in life: his electronics equipment, his video games and even James, his pet orangutan.

So with the knowledge that his father's will has donated a large sum of money to the college, Scott heads to Boston but he has no plan to attend university himself, but maybe he doesn't need to... (he sends the orangutan instead)

Made for slightly under $8500 in the summer of 2015, Orang-U: An Ape Goes To College is the first in a series of eight Orang-U movies coming out in the next twenty years.

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